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Edmonton Little League District 2 is the only organization providing official Little League baseball (T-ball, coach pitch, and player pitch) for kids in Edmonton and surrounding areas.  We are composed of three separate, but cooperative, youth baseball leagues working together to bring the best kids baseball to our members.  Your home league depends on your location; roughly divided into North, East and Southeast, and West and Southwest.  Prior to registration please confirm which area you live in on the boundaries page.

The three leagues combine to field elite travel ball teams, the Trappers, which compete at the highest-level youth baseball available; the Edmonton Trappers are recent Canadian champions and participated in the Little League World Series.  To find out more about the Trappers travel team or the individual leagues please use the navigation menu at the top.

    The Importance of attending your league’s AGM


    Please check your leagues websites for there upcoming AGM


    What is an Annual General meeting?

    An AGM is the meeting of the general membership that presided over by the President of the Organization. Directors, officers, treasurer, and secretary will be in attendance to provide reports and record minutes. Membership of the organization have the right to attend, speak and vote at the AGM in alignment with the organization’s By-laws.

    Why do organizations hold Annual General meetings?

    Organizations host AGMs for three key reasons

    1. It is a legal requirement set out by the non-for- profit Corporations Act.
    2. To conduct the business of the organization
    3. To provide membership with opportunities to address the board of directors

    What business is conducted at the AGM?

    The   main business items addressed at the AGM is

    1. Amendments to the articles of the By-laws
    2. Election of the board of Directors
    3. Review of financial statements

    Why should I attend an AGM?

    1. To hold the Board Accountability
      1. Your Presence at the AGM allows you to hold the board accountable and shows support
      2. Use your membership status to nominate an individual for election (in alignment with the organizations By-laws
      3. Use your voting power to elect the best candidate
      4. Use your voice to get answers to pertinent questions
    2. To Stay up to date
      1. Attending will provide you with insight into the performance and direction of the organization
      2. Your voices at the AGM will allow for key questions or concerns to be raised.
    3. To support the organization
      1. Holding an AGM is a legal requirement and is hosted at the cost to the organization
      2. Your attendance is a service to your organization at it has an effect on quorum



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